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Sorry for the late reply. Been busy being a homebody this weekend, getting chores done around the house and just spending some quality time with the family. ;)

I believe this is a very interesting item, and I would love to have one just from a hobbyist perspective. The practical part of me thinks though that this is of more value to a collector than as additional info about the system. It could be, but it would probably be of more value from the development aspect if we had whatever attaches to the D-sub connector. Does it require any special software to use? Assuming that the d-sub connector attaches to the tape drives we have (through some adapter), are they electrically compatible? Would these turn up in a separate auction later on? Perhaps that's a good question for the seller! We simply do not have enough information to say. 

So, if we got this thing what would we realistically do with it? The most obvious of course is to hook it up, turn it on and see what it actually does. That's probably not likely to yield much I'm guessing. More practically I think at a minimum we would pop out the microcontroller and read out the code (this should be possible. I have a programmer here at work that's suitable if no one else has one), and we would capture the schematic for it. Beyond that though, we still would have to disassemble said code and learn what it does, and without what attaches to that connector, that may be a fruitless effort. Could be though! It is a bit of a gamble.

I think the previous guesses of what it could be used for are good. Randy Morgan (on the list) sent me an email and said that it looks like something his group used to make at Coleco for final production testing. Maybe this allowed them to test DDP drives without sticking them in a case? Maybe it was used for prototyping the DDP drive during the design process.

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Subject: [Coladam] eBay auction

OK, the price has gone up to a bit over $60 with everyone seemingly 
running out of steam. So the question is: who among us thinks the 
community needs it badly enough to chip in a few bucks toward the purchase?

Questions that need answering: who is in for how much? What is the most 
we are willing to pay? Who among us feels that it is worth purchasing?
Who is willing to be our designated hitter - the one who actually bids 
and handles the transaction? Are we going to ask the same of all 
participants or each of us volunteer what we can afford? Who gets the 
goods if we win?

My personal view: if our gurus think it's worth it, I'm in. I'll start 
at $20 but am approachable if we need more. I think BobS should be our 
bidder, assuming he's willing. If we win, I'd say park one in Canada 
with Daniel or Dale, and let Dr. D. and geoff flip for the other.

But those are my top of the head feelings,I'm open to discussion. So how 
does everyone else feel?

And remember there is a deadline, so answer fast!
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