[Coladam] auction timing

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Jun 16 07:24:12 CEST 2009

Yeah, I was thinking that it might make more sense to have it sent to 
someone more involved with it...but I'll gladly do the bidding...maybe I can 
toss in a couple of bucks too...

Just let me know what everyone decides. I'm seldom far from my computer, but 
time grows short...it's hanging at $74 right now...with approximately 24 
hours to go...

Joe B.

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> We already have cash commitments from Dr. D., Ron Mitchell, Murray 
> McCullough and myself that total $160 if necessary, and frankly I think 
> that is over the limit any of us would care to spend. Whoever does the 
> bidding should expect to be reimbursed for the bid and if successful for 
> the shipping, though routing it directly to Dr.D. may be easier once all 
> have been paid.
> But I can only say I would be happy to have you as our bidder, Joe, but 
> the others have to make their calls too. And soon. - Rich
> Joe Blenkle wrote:
>> I could do it being I'm in California (and no longer working)...and I'm 
>> usually up much later than that anyway...but:
>> 1. I can't chip in any money
>> 2. I would need a pre-determined spending limit
>> 3. I would probably need to be reimbursed for shipping to whoever winds 
>> up with them -- I'm basically broke right now, but I could temporaily put 
>> these items on my credit card.
>> Joe B.
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>>> It has suddenly dawned on me that the closing time of the auction is
>>> going on 11 p.m. Pacific Time - that's small hours of the morning
>>> Eastern, and I wonder if Bob can cope?
>>> Is there asnyone else in our group who is either in the right time zone
>>> or can affod to stay up that late, who can take over the supervision of
>>> the bid to closing?
>>> It ends Wednesday night so we need an answer quick!
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