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Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Wed Jun 17 06:30:39 CEST 2009

Well I'm fairly sure the lady isn't going to do a split shipment, so it's 
going to have to go to one person for later division and the method of 
shipment listed is U.S. Mail Parcel Post. It's quoted as being $12.34 to 
ship to California. That's why I'm saying it's not going to be economical to 
ship it to me and then have to split it in two and send the two packages 
back east again.

I'm kind of ify about doing this on PayPal which is linked to my CitiBank 
credit card. It's getting to the point where you can't charge anything on 
your credit cards. We just cash advanced $1,000 on one of our credit cards 
that has a $9000 limit to loan money to our son for a car repair and the 
credit card company (Bank of America) just called us tonight to tell us 
they'd cut our credit limit down to $1900 because of it.

They apparently want you to charge stuff, but when you do, they penalize you 
for it. They are all paranoid!!! Hopefully a $100 or so charge won't raise a 
red flag.

Still $74....1 hour, 11 minutes...time to put my battle suit on and get my 
fingers loosened up for the coming fight!!!

Joe B.

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> If PayPal have changed their policy and now will allow shipment to third
> party addresses, I'd suggest that Dr.D. at his home (check address,
> remember he has moved recently) and Dale c/o the ADamcon hotel (Comfort
> Inn Airport, Grand Rapids) would do fine. Even if UPS ground takes
> forever there will be coverage there with Canadians through the end of
> the month and the Slopsemas thereafter.
> Again, this is my idea, I yield to anyone with a better one.
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