[Coladam] Well, we've learned something...

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Wed Jun 17 19:03:53 CEST 2009

On Wed, June 17, 2009 12:09 pm, Frances and/or Richard Clee wrote:

> So who would pay $711 for this and why? And given the way eBay operates
> with "sufficient" bids, what were the intervening bids, if any?

     The way I read the bid history, on 6/10, the eventual winner put in a
bid of $159.99.  He did not come back until the very end, with $711.24
(what a weird number).

> This smells fishy enough to me that while I certainly feel we need to
> put our ambitions on ice, maybe we should keep an eye open for a new
> listing, or even contact the seller (geoff knows who it is) and tell her
> when the house of cards collapses, we'll offer $75 cash on the line in a
> private sale.

     Maybe it's a tactic to "win", then negotiate the price down privately.
I could see it going for $160 (after all, we had pooled $180 for emergencies),
but not $711.  Not being eBay-savvy, I dunno if what I just suggested is
possible, or even allowable.  How would eBay "know" that an item did not
actually sell for the "winning" price?

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