[Coladam] Well, we've learned something...

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Wed Jun 17 20:18:30 CEST 2009

I'm trying to find out who the buyer is. It used to be they showed their 
full screen name and you could click on it and eventually get to a place you 
could email them. But now all you see is the partial screen name and can 
only get their stats with no contact information.

Joe B.

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Even more so, Mr Clee, WHY havn't we ever met or seen them...Maybe George
and I need to check our basements more closely, but I serious doubt ANYONE
would of actually paid over $700.for that item, unless it was a BJ, or
someone on disguise ready to make a comeback.  And FINALLY if they are that
interested, they surely should be at the con, to see what else is available.
Just my thoughts.

Good Friends are FOREVER... And Thats a Long, LONG, Time. So, PLEASE Stay

H Mason Jr

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but I confess I don't know what. At least to appearances, there are a
number of people out there who wanted the things really, really badly -
or a bunch of malicious phonies. Have to analyze the bidding structure
as far as we can and see what we can make of it.

I do wonder how many of the final bids are real. Does eBay go back down
the list and offer to the next highest when a "successful" bidder
reneges? Or is it close it off and start all over again?

If there are such fanatic collectors out there, why aren't Bob and I
rolling in wealth from our Adam inventories? You can't type "Adam" into
Google without or names coming up, and folks who had Adams have known of
s for 20 years and more.

So who would pay $711 for this and why? And given the way eBay operates
with "sufficient" bids, what were the intervening bids, if any?

This smells fishy enough to me that while I certainly feel we need to
put our ambitions on ice, maybe we should keep an eye open for a new
listing, or even contact the seller (geoff knows who it is) and tell her
when the house of cards collapses, we'll offer $75 cash on the line in a
private sale.

Which may all be fantasy dreaming, but that's my feelings.
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