[Coladam] HOLY CRAP

David yyzonian at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 18 00:40:05 CEST 2009

I only started reading the messages posted here about these units on Ebay late last nite. When I got to what looked like the final message that the gang was offering $160 and I knew this wasnt gonna cut it, I put in a sniper bid 6 seconds before auction close at $256.64 ( looks like I came in 4th) still really knowing in my gut that it would fetch over $500.00. BTW That was my message to the seller about picking up or shipping to a 3rd party that he (or was it a she?) posted in the listing.


Being a frequent ebayer, I just tried to snatch a deal, there was no way of contacting anyone at midnite last nite to offer to pony up my portion to the pool and it looks like even if I did, we wouldnt have won.


Re - we should all sell our ADAM's on ebay this is really hit and miss - I have seen them go for $10 or $200 you can never tell.


I agree that the buyer will never plug these in, they are collectors items to hold on to and/or to speculate on. My experience is that there are a few very well funded buyers on Ebay that will stop at nothing to get what they want with a Coleco name on it. I've lost to them before. I'll bet his proxy bid was $1000 in this case. You wont see them relisted by the original seller. A buyer with that feedback count wont welsh on his bid and even if the buyer dies from excitement over his win, the seller has the option of a "2nd chance" to the next guy and the next guy and certainly #2 guy will jump at the chance.


On a final note, some of  you may recall my message about a prototype of an unrelease Coleco game I got last winter. I sat on it for a while deciding what to do, I donated the ROM to a Coleco museum group and am in the process of making a very limited supply of cartridges and an even smaller supply of boxes.

"Fireman" will be released in about the time of the convention. I hope to make this a rather unique release with a bit of a surprise. Stay tuned.

I know I say this every year but I am REALLY going to try to make it to ADAMCon. I am on business in Maine until late Friday and if I am not totally jet lagged will venture out Saturday and stay one nite. I simply cannot commit 100%. If I come I'd like to bring a couple of Fireman carts with me. You guys will have first crack.

Cheers from Pittsburgh. Waiting in the lounge for my flite to Boston. 
Home is Toronto


Dave Hill


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