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Well spoken sir..

Good Friends are FOREVER... And Thats a Long, LONG, Time.  So, PLEASE Stay
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First, thank you geoff for your whole role in this activity - spotting 
the item in the first place, following up, chipping in, managing things 
with the seller, and generally being a solid contributing member of the 
Adam community. A terrific job well done.

Thank you joe for taking on the bidding chore and handling it well and 
conscientiously. OK, we didn't win, in fact likely never had a hope, but 
you handled the whole thing in a way the whole Adam community has to admire.

Thanks also to Ron, Murray, Dale, Daniel, Dr. D., George, Herman and the 
rest who chipped in or offered information and moral support to make the 
effort one of which we can all be proud.

We may have lost the bid, but our community won plenty.

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