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Happy Birthday to you, and Daniel! :)

From: Robert Miller <Robert.E.Miller at verizon.net>
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Subject: [Coladam] "Holy Crap" lurker list

Hi everyone,

I'm just back from vacation & had a lot of digests to run through so forgive
me if I missed something & causing a rehash.

I'll just do a quickie list of thoughts & questions that ran across my mind
as I followed the eBay saga etc.

1) Holy Crap! (...but then that is, of course, a definite rehash ;o)
2) Did anybody forward their contact info to the seller & ask them to fwd it
on to the buyer with an explaination that the group would like to talk to
them about their purchase with the possibility of assisting their research,
or simply as good will toward the Adam community etc?
3) ...or invite them to Adamcon... which leads to #4...
4) Why am I not having any luck finding information about Adamcon beyond
what I gather from the digest is next week in Grand Rapids, MI?
5) Happy Birthday Daniel!
6) Happy Birthday to me too! (20th :o)
7) I saw my Adamcon IV T-shirt in a stack yesterday... hmmmm eBay????

(OK, going back into lurking mode now... actually I just finished classes
that have been occupying much of my time for the last 2.5 yrs so who knows,
maybe I'll be able pop in more often and try to contribute.  ...we'll see!)

Holy Crap!

Robert Miller

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