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Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Sat Jul 4 05:35:59 CEST 2009

Rich...here is your answer to whether or not the disk drive in question stops running after the program loads.

If anyone else has suggestions, direct them to Kevin at: kklasko at yahoo.com

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      no. the motor stops after a disk is read. if i leave a blank disk in the drive, the system works normally, although if i want to run a tape, i have to shut the drive off.

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        Here's one answer...

             If the drive is otherwise working normally (i.e., disks can
        be correctly read and written), I suspect a failed-on disk presence
        switch.  Usually it it's an infrared emitter-detector pair; when the
        beam is interrupted it means a disk slid in to break the beam.  So it
        would suggest that either the emitter or the detector has failed.

             Does the drive ever stop running after a disk is successfully
        read?  Or does the motor run all the time?

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        Terry Fowler at eColeco may be able to fix it if this is the case, but not sure of the cost.

        Joe B.

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                Hi. My disk drive is acting up. when i turn adam on, the drive activates like there is a disk in the drive when there is not. when a disk is inserted, it boots. what could be the problem, any ideas?

                thanks. kevin. 


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