[Coladam] Adam Prototype

Geoff Oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 5 20:46:29 CEST 2009

Yeah. I don't know if you were on the list at the time or not, but  
there was a group of us on the list that were pooling some money to  
bid on the thing. We wanted to see what the deal with this piece of  
hardware was as well, maybe capture the schematic and read out the  
firmware for analysis. I've got a device programmer/reader at work  
that's good for the 68701 MCUs.

There were a couple of puzzling things to us about the device. Firstly  
it has the adamnet connector on the board, which obviously you'd need  
to plug into the adamnet (if it is indeed an adamnet device). Then of  
course is the big DB-36 connector...what plugs into that? It looks  
like there's a few tone generators/decoder parts on the board, so that  
might indicate that it plugged into a prototype DDP drive (or maybe  
the microwafer...who knows).

Then there's the expansion port connector. There's a few connections  
to that as well. I assume most of it is to power the board itself, but  
there were a few other connections too. I wanted to analyze the  
pictures and figure out what signals are on the top of the board to  
the edge connector for a better idea.

On Jul 5, 2009, at 12:43 AM, J-F Dupuis wrote:

> People went crazy for rare Colecovision/Adam stuff  (I'm one of  
> those)  ;-)
> It's a bit expansive considering it could be a scam, but like I  
> said... I'm
> pretty sure it is legitimate prototype
> Only time will tell us
> Ha, ha...we pooled our money here and were bidding on it...I think  
> my last
> successful bid was $170...then it really went wild and took off.
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