[Coladam] Adam and Colecovision

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sun Jul 5 22:34:30 CEST 2009

Salut et bienvenue! Does the J-F stand for Jean-Francois?

Congratulations on your acquisition of the Coleco rarity. We are glad to 
hear it is friendly hands.

Our little informal coterie centres around those who have attended the 
various Adam conventions (held annually for the last 21 years), or take 
part in the weekly chat sessions every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. 
Eastern on adamcon.org/~dmwick/chat.html, or participate in the Adam 
mailing list. All of these groups welcome any interested parties.

We have two Francophone members in Montreal, Guy Foster and Luc Morin. 
Daniel Bienvenue, the ace game programmer, lives near Quebec City.

You can see pictures of the major participants over the years on the 
adamcon.org and ann.hollowdreams.com websites. Daniel Bienvenue has also 
posted numerous videos on YouTube.

Our two technical experts most likely to be able to decipher what your 
device is intended to do are Geoff Oltmans, who lives in the Deep South 
of the U.S., and Prof. Richard Dushel (Dr.D.) at CWRU in Cleveland. Bob 
Slopsema and I are vendors of Adam hardware and software as available, 
and Bob's son Doug has advanced technical expertise. Included on the 
souvenir disc given to Adamcon 21 participants was the text of the 
original Coleco ADAM technical manual.

This should give you all you need to know about who will help you in 
your quest, both immediate and long-term. You'll be exceptionally 
welcome to join in our activities. Just tell us how we can help.

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