[Coladam] July 8th, 2009... tooth and money problem... I'm afraid!

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Daniel...root canals are usually done because the root of your tooth has 
become infected. The procedure kills the nerve so you no longer feel any 
pain in that tooth. Then the dentist drills into your tooth (actually into 
the root of the tooth), cleans it out, and fills it with a special compound. 
Good as new!!! When I had my last one done, my primary dentist freaked me 
out because the tooth I had it done on already had a crown on it and they 
had to drill through that to get to my tooth. When he went to repair the 
crown, he didn't inject me with anything to numb it and I'm sitting there 
thinking, "...ummm...didn't you forget something...like to numb the frickin' 
tooth?!?!?"...well, of course he didn't forget...I just didn't need it 
numbed because there's no longer any nerve in the tooth to feel any pain. At 
that point, you can pretty much do anything to it and you won't feel it.

Joe B.

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> Well, I did survive one night. After taking an Advil, the pain slowly 
> drops to an acceptable point... and I was tired.
> I did get an answer from the dentist today... telling me that it was a 
> good idea to take an Advil and admit forgetting to tell me that one of the 
> nerves was plenty alive and the drug they put me in my tooth was to kill 
> it to be able to do the root canal dental operation. In other words the 
> dentist is sorry for this inconvenient... it was painful as hell and I was 
> about to go to the Emergency based on ignorance of what was going on in my 
> mouth.
> Anyway, this morning I'm confuse... I don't hope to get any other bad 
> surprise, specially if the drug they put in my tooth decide to do more 
> damage, or if there is infection.
> Daniel
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