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I am SURE, everyone here welcomes Bill here with open arms.

Good Friends are FOREVER... And Thats a Long, LONG, Time.  So, PLEASE Stay
                                                   H Mason Jr 

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Got this message from Randy. Very cool! Looks like he sent this to the  
list and it didn't make it. Is the list working?

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> Hello Geoff,
> A few weeks ago I tried to send an announcement to the group with  
> some very good news. Right after I sent the email my computer  
> crashed and I wasn't able to get online for a couple weeks until I  
> repaired it.
> Anyway, I don't believe the announcement ever went out since I never  
> received it back or heard anything about it. Perhaps you could  
> forward it and get the word out to the others.
> It follows herewith.
> Kind regards,
> rlm
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> Greetings ADAMites,
> As a former Coleco employee and part of the ADAM team I was able to  
> meet many talented people that made ADAM a reality. One of the best  
> and brightest of the team is one Mr. William Drobish, whom I have  
> copied with this email.
> I was able to contact Bill on behalf of the group and he has kindly  
> agreed to offer his assistance where needed.
> Bill was a pioneer in the design of the keyboard, floppy drives, and  
> many other portions of the system. He has a vast and intimate  
> working knowledge of all phases of the design, both released and  
> unreleased to the public.
> I'm sure he can answer any technical questions you may have for him.
> Let's all make Bill welcome here.
> R.L. Morgan

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