[Coladam] opportunity for a Z80 programmer

geoffrey oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 28 21:20:56 CEST 2009

Interesting. I wonder if they've also been given access to datasheets for devices in the system, a sample, a schematic, any pld/fpga sources...

From: Rich Drushel <drushel at apk.net>
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Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 12:05:34 PM
Subject: [Coladam] opportunity for a Z80 programmer

    Hi gang, I received the following inquiry in my CWRU E-mailbox today.
It's legit, and I would love to do it, I have the skills, think of all the
Z80 code I have disassembled and reverse-engineered over the years ...
but I am just afraid that I would not have the time necessary, given my
job commitments.  If anyone out there is interested, especially anyone
who is unemployed or under-employed, please let me know and I will send
the actual contact info; I didn't think it appropriate to blast to the

    If nobody bites, then I may respond just to learn a bit more about
the situation.  Intellectually, it would be fun.  I have a feeling, too,
that my not having any *FORMAL* computer science/engineering training would
make my "qualified" status open to challenge by any barrister worth his wig.

    Goodness knows how they learned about me; that would be worth asking
them for more info, in itself.

    *Dr. D.*

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> Subject: Attorney Needs Z80 Source Code Analyzed

> Dr. Drushel:
> I am an attorney representing dozens of individuals in the State of
> [censored] who are charged with drunk driving after submitting to alcohol
> tests on the [model name censored] breath testing machine.  After I won a
> landmark case in our state Supreme Court, the manufacturer has finally
> agreed to give drivers access to the source code of its machine.  The code
> is written mostly in Z80 but is also written in C.  I am looking for a
> qualified individual who has the time to analyze approximately 70,000 lines
> of code in the State of [censored] to try to find any programming errors in
> the source code.  If you can help or you know someone who can, please
> contact me ASAP.
> Thank you.
> [attorney info censored]

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