[Coladam] Powermate IDE controller software

geoffrey oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 29 15:57:54 CEST 2009

Hey everyone.

I've been working on adding emulation for the Powermate IDE controller to ADAMEm (thanks to some borrowed code from the bluemsx project). I also added support for booting from an expansion ROM, so that the Powermate IDE boot rom will run and start the hard disk if no disk image is present. I think I've got something that *should* work now, but it's not. ;)

I'm trying to remember details of running the powermate IDE utilities on a real ADAM...

I ran the idepart utility in TDOS. This appeared to finish successfully. From there on, I remember you had to use the FLSHDIR utility, but I thought you needed to create a boot disk with either 40itd45n or 80itd45n first, boot that, and then use FLSHDIR on the hard disk's drive letters. Does this seem correct?

I have had some trouble getting the EOS side utilities working, the Hard Disk utility, and File Manager 3.02. When I boot these, the only smartkeys that will work are the ones for setting the time/date. I seem to recall that I had this problem on a real ADAM before, but I can't remember for sure. Seems like there was some gotcha to running that had to do with the ADAMNet?

Any help would be....helpful. :)

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