[Coladam] My Coleco Adam got here..

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 01:37:41 CEST 2009

Hiya everyone, like you may know from the chat, I had ordered an Adam off of
E-Bay (Before I got replies from various people here)

When I mentioned it in the chat on Wednesday, people did not have a good
outlook on it.. (Hiya Rich!) because of previous experiences with e-bay

Well, I have it now.. And no real way to test the actual Adam part of it.
It does power on, I was able to bring up Electronic Typewriter.  The ribbon
is dry as a bone, I had to clean and oil the printers rails before it would
move correctly.  But it appears to work.  Good thing it has a composite
output, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to even view it (since most of
my vintage stuff is in storage, including the TV-Game switches.  And damn,
does it look good on a 37" LCD TV :)

Well, no SmartBasic for me, no Buck Rogers, no Data Casettes at all right
now.  It does have 2 tape drives installed in it though, not just one, so
that is a plus.

No expansion boards inside, but hey, it powers on and comes up, so that is
always a bonus.

I might order a 10 pack of tapes of e-coleco, they say you can just go and
erase them, but they do come with some kind of software on them, if I can
find the cheapest spot (their prices change from page to page, and don't
inquire about a product, they might raise the price)

The biggest issue with the unit is the Printer.  The rubber that covers the
platen in cracked and peeling off.  I don't believe there is a way to
replace the platen, I'm not sure if it can even be removed without permenant
damage.  I'm not sure if there would be a way to repair it.  But what I was
thinking, if I could get the platen out, get a piece of that heat-shrink
tubing (if they make it big enough to fit around the platen) cut it to the
platen length and shrink it around.  It may work.. and probably better than
using rubber cement to try to stick the peeling pieces back on...  Unless
someone else knows of a way/place to replace or repair the platen.

Well, now I am on the hunt for software.. has to be tapes at this point,
since I do not have a disk drive.

Thanks everyone


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