[Coladam] Screaming like a Banshee!!

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 15:55:42 CEST 2009

On the Adam that I picked up, the system works, and it has 2 tape drives.  I
had ordered a copy of Logo, and it came sealed in the box for $14. :)  As
well as 10 tapes that just need to be formatted to be "blank" tapes.. but I
just realized, since I do not have AdamBasic or anything else besides the
Logo, I have no way of formatting the tapes, or even to be able to do
anything else on the Adam but Logo (And cartridges of course).  One of the
drives works fine, the other, when seeking on the tape ends up screeching
like a banshee.  Can anyone let me know what could be done to quiet the
drive down?  Both drives appear to work as I have booted tapes from both

I do not have a floppy drive for my Adam, and it only has the 64k of RAM.

I know I would like to make a backup of my Logo Tape onto one of the "to be
blanked" tapes so it doesn't end up killing the original.

Does anyone have a tape with a "File Manager" or something similar that will
let me backup/format tapes?

Also, I have heard that there was a copy of the SmartBasic that had been
made that loads from a cartridge as opposed to tape.  Does anyone have an
extra one of those that I could pick up from them?


Joe O.
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