[Coladam] OT: GameX Video Game Expo is this weekend

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 18:03:26 CEST 2009

For anyone near the Philadelphia area, or game lovers everywhere!

There will be something for the video game lover in all of us, check it out
online at http://gamexpo.us/ or better yet, check it out in person!!

I think there is going to be a section with vintage/retro gaming and vendors
who sell the retro game systems also.



Normal Person: Hey, it seems that you know a lot.
Geek: To be honest, it's due to all the surfing I do.
Normal Person: So you go surfing?
Normal Person: But I don't think that has anything to do with knowing a
Geek: I think that's wrong on a fundamental level.
Normal Person: Huh? Huh? What?

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