[Coladam] 2009 ADAM Multimedia Christmas Card

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Sun Oct 25 01:43:32 CEST 2009

Time once again folks to troll for input to the annual Christmas  

For those who might be new to the group, this card is produced by the  
Adam News Network each year, and will be available just before  
Christmas as a 160K ADAM floppy disk. On the disk there will be some  
midi-compatible Christmas Carols, also playable on the ADAM, and some  
Powerpaint graphics screens all wrapped up in a self booting package.  
Put the disk in your drive, pull the reset switch, and away it goes.

We need some Christmas content. If you wish to participate, send me a  
Powerpaint readable file (on an emulator disk ffile) expressing your  
Christmas wishes to the group. Gussy it up with Christmas clip art.

I've got some graphics prepared already, and a few "generic" screens,  
so if you are unable to prepare a Powerpaint screen yourself, simply e- 
mail me your name and whatever Christmas wishes you might want the  
group to hear, and I'll do the rest.

Much better of course if you can send me your work. Means I don't have  
to use mine. Your artistry is probably better than my artistry.

Whatever, let's hear from as many Adamites as we can. I'll probably be  
working on this thing until around mid-November, so there's a little  
time to do it.


Ron Mitchell

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