[Coladam] re Sequel 2.0

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Sun Nov 1 05:17:10 CET 2009

Need some assistance with Chris Braymen's Sequel Midi sequencer and  
wondering if anyone out there has any ideas.

Those of you who have used Sequel know that one of the first things it  
does when loaded is to look for the presence of a Midi-Mite interface.  
If the interface is not found, the software will not load. The same  
applies Chris's Mini Recorder software.

All of that means that Sequel and Mini Recorder are not useable on the  
Adam Emulator.

All of which give me a bit of a problem. My old Adam, when last run,  
blew the household breakers. Haven't plugged it in since. Making up  
some fresh Midi files for the card might turn into a bit of a challenge.

Sequel provides a very convenient way of editing midi files so that  
they can be used by the Christmas Card program.  I've been able to do  
do some new carols with mac midi software, but mostly the files are  
too long and have too many tracks to be to be run on the Adam without  
severe editing.

So my question to the hackers out there:  Is there a way of convincing  
Sequel to load without looking for a MidiMite interface, so that the  
rest of the program can be used to load and edit midi files?

If worst comes to worst, I can always use .adm files used in previous  
years' cards. But would prefer to add something new.

Any thoughts?

Ron Mitchell

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