[Coladam] hello gang

James De Carlo james at decarlo.ca
Tue Nov 10 07:58:10 CET 2009

i hope all are doing well! i've recently been unable to join the chats 
because of some medical problems i've been having with hospital visits 
being on thursday mornings here (wednesday night for you folks).

i hope to be able to join again soon.


p.s. i recently received this email:

"It has been some time since our last exchange of e-mails re NABU.
In short, the NABU Network works again and is coming back to Ottawa.
On November 21, Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa is
organizing a very special NABU Network event. I'm enclosing an
invitation (please distribute it to other people who might be
interested in attending)."

i believe part of the event is a keynote address by john kelley. while i 
won't be able to attend, if anyone is interested, please let me know and 
i can forward you a copy of the .pdf

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