[Coladam] About tone channels attenuation (volume) -and- digital sounds (RESULTS)

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 10 08:26:25 CET 2009

Well, my experimentations reveal :

1 - The table of values concerning all the possible attenuations for a single channel is correct.

2 - The selection of my 64 values is somehow correct.

3 - The application of a 6-bit audio sample to a Coleco project is possible.


Well, pushing 3 attenuation values to the sound port when the previous one is quite different but the result should me a volume not far away, it generates glitches that sounds like low-volume high pitch periodic noise in the background. But, the idea works... but the resulting sound is "corrupted". I have to admit, I don't think there is a way around the problem, specially if I keep the same strategy. Well, that's not true, I didn't test sending attenuation values backward, instead of FFF, FFE, FFC, FEA, etc., I'll try FFF,EFF CFF, AEF. But I'm expecting the results to be at beat only less noisy but still there.

The best strategy should be to update only one tone channel all the time. That puts me back into my previous digital sound system. But there is a hope, and this time I'll test first and give feedback later... If I don't forget to do so.

Have a nice day!



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