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I don't think I got my ADAM at Christmas time, but it was probably around 
there someplace. I ordered the expansion module version from Montgomery Ward 
and I remember the day it showed up on my doorstep in this huge box. There 
was a large back order on them at that time and it wasn't even supposed to 
show up for another couple of months.

Unfortunately the video went out on it after a short while and I had to 
drive it 100 miles to the Honeywell service center for repair.

Joe B.

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Merry Christmas. We did enjoy gifts and food in family, as usual.

I have a similar memory of my xmas '84. It was my first computer under the 
tree, a Commodore Vic-20; and my older brother got a console ColecoVision at 
the same time. And since then, I did want to code my own videogames and I 
did it thunsands of times. In fact, I can't remember a week I didn't program 
something, except during vacatios in family.


> Hope everyone has an enjoyable
> holiday...I remember the R59 ADAM under
> my Dad's tree at Christmas 1984...both it and Dad are still
> working :-)
> Travel safely if you're travelling. So glad not to
> have to drive through
> Buffalo this year!
> Rich and Erin Drushel (Dr. D. and Ms. Rin)

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