[Coladam] Reply to Joe Blenkle re format of Christmas Card

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Fri Dec 25 22:28:28 CET 2009

Joe, the Adam Christmas Card pics are in HGR format, and all were converted from Powerpaint format using a program from either Sol Swift of Chris Braymen (memory fails), a program called HRPtoHGR that operates under SmartBasic. The HGR files are then compressed using  program called CMP which Chris Braymen wrote as part of his Multi-Media utilities.

Clear as mud? Alls I know is that I only use this suite of programs once. year, and each November I have to scramble to remember the procedure. Thinking this year I'm going to write it out so next year I'll have something other than the inside of my head to help.

So basically what you start with is Powerpaint images saved in SmartPaint format. These can come from a variety of sources. They can be made up using Powerpaint itself, or they can come from Christmas clipart available on the net. The latter is converted using Marcel deKogel's BMP2PP program available on the emulator website.

Hope that helps. I'll write it all up early in the new year once the dust has settled around here.

Ron Mitchell

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