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Hi Bryan and welcome. FYI there is a good Yahoo group on the subject

colecoprogramming at yahoogroups.com   A lot of the developers and would be developers hang out there and share info.

If you have any info to share on the ADAM years, all would be glad to hear it, maybe shed some light on some of the urban myths that circulate as to why Coleco did this or did that.

There IS interest in new software, games, hardware for the Colecovision and ADAM. Many homebrews sell out within hours or a few days of release. Some folks are putting out some good stuff.

Any prototypes ever come your way? I have great interest on that subject. I came accross an unreleased game myself that was "lost" for 25 years and released it this year, the response was tremendous. Then there was a frenzy regarding an Ebay auction for a couple of hardware items that were "unknown" until this year (to be honest what this thing is I am not 100% sure - an expansion module #1 that was modified to do something or other (?)but allegedly it will make an appearance at this year's ADAM convention in Montreal for us to have a look at it).


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> Hi All,
> My Dad was VP of Preliminary Design at Coleco during the ADAM years. I
> am now a professional game programmer, and I might be mixed up in the
> design of game consoles myself ;)
> Haven't done much work with ADAM except in SmartLOGO and SmartBASIC 25
> years ago. But I shipped a few retail games for Game Boy 10 years ago
> - and it has almost the same CPU...
> Now that I'm getting older, I think I'd like to tinker with this stuff
> a little. Best wishes for the New Year, and I hope to get to know some
> of you better...
> Bryan McNett
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