[Coladam] Introduction

Craig Lindholm eclindholm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 09:38:40 CET 2010

Hello Everybody.

My name is Craig Lindholm, and I have been a closet Adamphile since
~1987-1988. My ADAM is the first computer I ever bought (~50 at a thrift
store) when I was around 15. I remember doing my school reports with it,
writing stories with it, and playing games. Through the Computer Shopper
magazine (it was more like a book back then) I came into contact with a
Mr David Colby of the Vancouver Island Senior Adamphiles. He was
wonderfully helpful and pointed me towards all the publications of the time.

In 2000, Mr Ron Mitchell was kind enough to help me with some software
that I had purchased years earlier but had since gone defective. Thank
you Ron, I still appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, over the years, the ADAM was packed in boxes and followed
me around from move to move as I worked my way through life, then
school, and then through life again ;-) Every couple of years, when I
would get a chance/opportunity, I would unpack everything, set it all
up, and enjoy a few weeks of ADAM time until my wife would yell: "GET
back it went into the boxes till next time. My bigest regret was missing
Adamcon 15 on Vancouver Island in 2003.

Present day.....

My oldest boy, Nick, is 8.5 years old, and my youngest is 4. Nick has,
and loves, his Nintendo Wii and DS (Actually, I like that Wii thing a
lot too!) and his MP3 player. I had my ADAM out a few years back and he
and his friends loved playing the Colecovision games. Now that I have
the room, and a proponent (who's old enough to fight for his "totally
awesome" dad) for the ADAM, I am setting it up again (boy I hope my wife
doesn't read this!).

Last time I set up the ADAM, there was an issue with the printer, but I
will ask for assistance in another mail.

Happy New Year

Craig Lindholm
(Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada)

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