[Coladam] ADAM Viruses?

Geoff Oltmans geoff at oltmansfamily.org
Thu Jan 7 22:02:47 CET 2010

Lol.. that's pretty funny. I read the cited article, and it read more like an editorial. The point it was trying to make was that even though the Coleco ADAM is relatively obscure, it had viruses, so security through obscurity is not good security. I don't know why that's relevant to the Mac article in Wikipedia.

I've never encountered an ADAM virus. I'm sure you could make one, but I don't know where he got his info.

On Jan 7, 2010, at 2:46 PM, David wrote:

> I love Wikipedia, it has provided me with a fair amount of good info on a variety of topics.
> Happened upon the entry for Macintosh on Wikipedia. A little better than halfway down the screen in the paragraph titled Software it says - kind of out of the blue - "...the Coleco Adam had, in its time, numerous known viruses"
> Check it out. What the heck are they talking about?
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