[Coladam] ADAM Viruses?

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Fri Jan 8 01:22:24 CET 2010

I'll admit to writing a "virus" for the ADAM once...back in the good old 
days there was this real obnoxious twit...had to be a kid...me and one of my 
ADAM buddies were in cohoots on the deal. I wrote a program in basic that 
supposedly would condense your original Donkey Kong tape down to half its 
size by "compacting the blocks" so it could be written to a disk. What it 
really did was do a INIT to the tape and then put a "ha, ha, ha, you've been 
had" message on the screen before erasing itself. I sent it to my friend and 
then he re-mailed it from Los Angeles - supposedly from a software company - 
with a note saying they'd like this guy to test the software and write a 
review of it. Neither of us heard anything about it from him (he was on 
CompuServe a lot), so I don't know if he fell for it or not...ah, the good 
ol' days....

p.s. - if you knew who this guy was, you probably would have done it too!!! 
I assure you it was no one on this list though or anyone of any consequence 
in the ADAM community.

Joe B.

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> Lol.. that's pretty funny. I read the cited article, and it read more like 
> an editorial. The point it was trying to make was that even though the 
> Coleco ADAM is relatively obscure, it had viruses, so security through 
> obscurity is not good security. I don't know why that's relevant to the 
> Mac article in Wikipedia.
> I've never encountered an ADAM virus. I'm sure you could make one, but I 
> don't know where he got his info.
> On Jan 7, 2010, at 2:46 PM, David wrote:
>> I love Wikipedia, it has provided me with a fair amount of good info on a 
>> variety of topics.
>> Happened upon the entry for Macintosh on Wikipedia. A little better than 
>> halfway down the screen in the paragraph titled Software it says - kind 
>> of out of the blue - "...the Coleco Adam had, in its time, numerous known 
>> viruses"
>> Check it out. What the heck are they talking about?
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