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Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Sat Jan 9 02:57:33 CET 2010

Thanks much Joe. I think I knew about that, but since I'd never used  
the method, I wasn't really sure.


On 7-Jan-10, at 4:52 PM, Joe Blenkle wrote:

> Ron...there is a utility to transfer DDP images to DDPs and the  
> other way around. Unfortunately you need a disk drive to do it. All  
> it really does is copy the DDP to two ADAM disks which can then be  
> turned into emulator images and recombined with the program on  
> ADAMem. You can, of course, accomplish the same thing with any  
> program that copies blocks on the ADAM.
> Joe B.
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>> Hardware appears fairly regularly on Ebay Craig. Not sure about
>> software.
>> Rich Clee, owner of ADAM Services in Toronto might be able to point
>> you toward available software that used to sell commercially.
>> As for the PD stuff, pretty well any one of us around this list
>> probably has quite a bit. Are you using tape drives only? Or do you
>> have a disk drive?
>> Actually, that is one of the advantages of the emulator. I can send
>> you a disk image, and you can run it on ADAMEM. There is a way to
>> transfer such images onto an ADAM disk, but transferring to an ADAM
>> tape drive, I'm not sure how you'd do it.  Maybe someone here has an
>> idea.
>> There is a CD containing disk images of many ADAM titles available at
>> one time or another along with copies of some of the major newsletter
>> from ADAM's heyday. I can send you an image of that,, and it might
>> give you an idea of what's available.
>> Ron
>> On 5-Jan-10, at 10:50 PM, Craig Lindholm wrote:
>>> Sorry about those previous emails. I didn't realize that the quotes
>>> were
>>> so long. I will parse them down a bit from now on.
>>> I was curious as to what the status of available software is. I  
>>> can't
>>> imagine that commercial stuff is available for purchase anymore.  
>>> Do I
>>> need to peruse EBAY to find software?
>>> Years ago there was TONS of shareware and public domain software
>>> available. Where doe one find this stuff now?
>>> Same goes for Hardware. Where does one purchase things like
>>> diskdrives,
>>> etc, nowadays?
>>> Sorry for so many questions.
>>> Craig
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