[Coladam] Issues with Printer (SOLVED)

Craig Lindholm eclindholm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 08:27:46 CET 2010


My printer boots up, carriage moves to the left, stops, daisywheel
spins, the carriage moves to the right ~1". I can't print, or line feed.
I remember the printer should do a line feed during that sequence.

I borrowed a scope from work to take a look at the signals...

What I see when I should be getting a line feed (after the daisy wheel
rotates???) is (referring to the schematics I found on Rich Drushel's
Adam Technical Manual page)

J1-1 (motor output) - No Activity
Drain of Q7 - 11.4V Pulse on it

Measured between Drain Q7 and J1-1 .... No connection. Temporarily
jumpered the two.......Ye-hah! It works! Prints and every thing

Now I need to fix it properly, but it's nice knowing no parts are needed.

Thanks for everyones help. This is what I remember and appreciate about
the ADAM community. Everyone is so friendly.


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