[Coladam] Software questions from a newb

Geoff Oltmans geoff at oltmansfamily.org
Mon Jan 18 15:35:34 CET 2010

As far as IDE's go, I'm not aware of any. There are a couple of libraries floating around for programming the OS7 environment (the Coleco Vision's BIOS), but nothing I'm aware of for EOS.

The problem that I've seen too, is unless you're willing to programin assembly, none of the C compilers I've seen match the calling conventions of the EOS' BIOS routines.

I'm sure Daniel Bienvenu will pipe in here soon. :)
On Jan 17, 2010, at 11:57 PM, Craig Lindholm wrote:

> Hello, it's me again....(that darn newbie)
> what's the best:
> Word Processor
> Spreadsheet
> Database
> Tape backup software and other "must have" utilities
> IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
> ADAM specific games
> Any other "must have" stuff?
> (I am on a tape drive only BASE system)
> Craig
> PS. Sorry for asking all these newbie questions, but it's been so long
> since I have done ANY ADAM stuff, I am totally lost with what is
> currently out there.
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