[Coladam] Software questions from a newb

Ron Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Tue Jan 19 06:07:26 CET 2010

Looks like my first attempt to reply to you last night didn't make it
through. This is a retry

Craig, I sincerely hope that others will reply to your question about
software. This board is for newbies like yourself, and we all need to
help as much as we can.  It's probably a good thing to make a list of
this stuff.

Word Processor.  I like Speedywrite  (David White Software). However
there is also VDE.com that operates under CP/M or TDOS. All of which
gives rise to a basic division of opinion amongst us, and probably a
question that should be asked of you first.  The ADAM was capable of
using its own native operating system or CP/M (Control Program for
Microprocessors) which pre-dates DOS by at least 5 years.

Some of us never took to CP/M, and preferred to stay with software that
ran under ADAM's native operating system, Elementary Operating System or
EOS. I'm one of those who prefers CP/M, and so my favourite software for
ADAM might reveal a bit of a bias. 

For the balance of this answer I'll assume that you're not interested in
CP/M - which really runs better with a disk drive (better yet, 2 disk
drives, and better even still a hard drive)

So, back to your question.....

Wordprocessor    -   Speedywrite
Spreadsheet      -   Adamcalc
Database         -   (I don't really have any for ADAM EOS)  There is
D-Base II
available under CP/M
Tape Backup      -  JKL Utilities, AJM Filemanager, Quickcopy
Utilities        -  AJM Disk Doctor, Uncle Ernie's Toolkit

Graphics         - Powerpaint (Sol Swift)
Tape Backup      - Filemanager, AJM Software
IDE              - MacAdam assembler
                 - Various versions of SmartBASIC with tools included
(ie - Autoaid -
Australian SmartBasic, etc. SmartBasic 2.0 (Coleco)
games           -  I'm not really a games person, and I really couldn't
you any personal preferences.  Hopefully others will address that
Multimedia      - Chris Braymen's Sequel 2.0, Chris Braymen's
Multi-media  Utilities, 

As far as web browsing software is concerned, I'm not aware of it. ADAM
users were active on the net when Compuserve and Genie were amongst the
chief ways of getting together online. All that ended somewhere between
1990 and 1995. (the exact date escapes me).  ADAM was capable of online
communications at speeds of up to 2400 baud, and at the time, that was
good enough for Compuserve and Genie. It was even capable of hosting a
BBS system that ran under CP/M. Had one running when I lived in Ottawa.
However with the advent of the commercialized internet circa 1993, all
of that stopped. Some of us CP/M types browsed the net with a text based
browser known as Lynx. I'm not even sure if Lynx is useable on the net
today. Somehow doubt it.


On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 21:57 -0800, Craig Lindholm wrote:
> Hello, it's me again....(that darn newbie)
> what's the best:
> Word Processor
> Spreadsheet
> Database
> Tape backup software and other "must have" utilities
> IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
> ADAM specific games
> Any other "must have" stuff?
> (I am on a tape drive only BASE system)
> Craig
> PS. Sorry for asking all these newbie questions, but it's been so long
> since I have done ANY ADAM stuff, I am totally lost with what is
> currently out there.
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