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(ie - Autoaid -
Australian SmartBasic, etc. SmartBasic 2.0 (Coleco)

This is a new one on me...Australian SmartBasic? I've got a lot of different versions of Basic, but not this one!!!

Joe B.

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> Looks like my first attempt to reply to you last night didn't make it
> through. This is a retry
> Craig, I sincerely hope that others will reply to your question about
> software. This board is for newbies like yourself, and we all need to
> help as much as we can.  It's probably a good thing to make a list of
> this stuff.
> Word Processor.  I like Speedywrite  (David White Software). However
> there is also VDE.com that operates under CP/M or TDOS. All of which
> gives rise to a basic division of opinion amongst us, and probably a
> question that should be asked of you first.  The ADAM was capable of
> using its own native operating system or CP/M (Control Program for
> Microprocessors) which pre-dates DOS by at least 5 years.
> Some of us never took to CP/M, and preferred to stay with software that
> ran under ADAM's native operating system, Elementary Operating System or
> EOS. I'm one of those who prefers CP/M, and so my favourite software for
> ADAM might reveal a bit of a bias. 
> For the balance of this answer I'll assume that you're not interested in
> CP/M - which really runs better with a disk drive (better yet, 2 disk
> drives, and better even still a hard drive)
> So, back to your question.....
> Wordprocessor    -   Speedywrite
> Spreadsheet      -   Adamcalc
> Database         -   (I don't really have any for ADAM EOS)  There is
> D-Base II
> available under CP/M
> Tape Backup      -  JKL Utilities, AJM Filemanager, Quickcopy
> Utilities        -  AJM Disk Doctor, Uncle Ernie's Toolkit
> Graphics         - Powerpaint (Sol Swift)
> Tape Backup      - Filemanager, AJM Software
> IDE              - MacAdam assembler
>                 - Various versions of SmartBASIC with tools included
> (ie - Autoaid -
> Australian SmartBasic, etc. SmartBasic 2.0 (Coleco)
> games           -  I'm not really a games person, and I really couldn't
> give
> you any personal preferences.  Hopefully others will address that
> Multimedia      - Chris Braymen's Sequel 2.0, Chris Braymen's
> Multi-media  Utilities, 
> As far as web browsing software is concerned, I'm not aware of it. ADAM
> users were active on the net when Compuserve and Genie were amongst the
> chief ways of getting together online. All that ended somewhere between
> 1990 and 1995. (the exact date escapes me).  ADAM was capable of online
> communications at speeds of up to 2400 baud, and at the time, that was
> good enough for Compuserve and Genie. It was even capable of hosting a
> BBS system that ran under CP/M. Had one running when I lived in Ottawa.
> However with the advent of the commercialized internet circa 1993, all
> of that stopped. Some of us CP/M types browsed the net with a text based
> browser known as Lynx. I'm not even sure if Lynx is useable on the net
> today. Somehow doubt it.
> Ron
> On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 21:57 -0800, Craig Lindholm wrote:
>> Hello, it's me again....(that darn newbie)
>> what's the best:
>> Word Processor
>> Spreadsheet
>> Database
>> Tape backup software and other "must have" utilities
>> IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
>> ADAM specific games
>> Any other "must have" stuff?
>> (I am on a tape drive only BASE system)
>> Craig
>> PS. Sorry for asking all these newbie questions, but it's been so long
>> since I have done ANY ADAM stuff, I am totally lost with what is
>> currently out there.
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