[Coladam] ADAM History

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Jan 19 19:11:59 CET 2010

Thanks...it took me about 10 years to get that project done. I'd do one 
newsletter and then get so sick of it (mostly the typing in of hard to read 
print) I'd quit for 4-5 months. I'm now looking at all of them and am 
considering redoing them all. When I started out I knew little about HTML 
and used a basic HTML text editor. Now I'm a little smarter as far as how to 
do things and use Microsoft FrontPage. Plus, seemingly, if I load one of the 
pages into FrontPage to edit a mistake I find now and then, it seems to 
always mess something else up. This way it will be more compatible. There 
are a lot of old HTML commands in the code that have been replaced with 
other commands so it's probably a good idea to update!!!

Joe B.

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>> I completely redid the old Expandable Computer News newletters in html
>> format on my web page...lots of stuff there...
>> Go to:
>> http://www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer/
>> Joe B.
> Wow, nice Joe! Colour graphics and everything! This is the first time I've
> had a chance to look at your handiwork and I am massively impressed! You
> did an excellent job.
> Neil
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