[Coladam] ADAMCon 22, a little bit more informations

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 23 23:15:57 CET 2010

Well, it looks like I may not be lucky and get the meeting room (or conference room) for free whatever the number of rooms. Based on Dale's calculations, if we are about 20 persons, 10 rooms, it will cost overall about $400 per person. Based on the lack of answers about "who thinks will be at the ADAMCon this year?", I don't think 10 rooms will be reserved and this will raise the cost per person. Well, this is of course an approximation but at least you've an idea of how much money to put aside for the meeting this year..

I continue to look for other places with a better price and get advicess from veterans in ADAMCon hosting.

Do not hesitate to warn me about anything concerning your possible presence and possible participation (talking about a Coleco related subject or not).

Thanks for replying directly to me if it's a private message.

Daniel B.


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