[Coladam] Delete a backup file on DDP

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Wed Jan 27 22:41:11 CET 2010


recover doc1

that turns your 'h' file into an 'H' file

then type

delete doc1

That should do it.

Each time you save a file the previous version with that name gets  
saved as a backup (ie with the small letter). It's SmartBasic's way of  
protecting us from ourselves. Like all such features, it sometimes  
gets in the way.

However, there one other thing to note with this.

Let's say you've got quite a number of files on your datapack and  
you've re-written then a number of times, and saved this and that over  
a period of time. Each time you delete a file, the file doesn't  
actually get deleted. It's only marked as deleted in the directory.  
It's still actually there, occupying space. So after a while, you're  
likely to get an error message "no more room" even though you've still  
got space showing on the datapack. What it means is that your  
directory is filled with files that you've actually deleted. The 'no  
more room' thing can also happen if you have a lot of small files on a  
datapack. The directory has space only for a certain number,  (if I  
recall it's 32 or something like that). So even though you've got  
space on your datapack, the number of files exceeds the space  
available for directory entries, and you can't add any more.

There's a way around this called "crunching" the directory. File  
Manager 2.1 will fix that for you.  It's on its way. See my previous  


On 26-Jan-10, at 10:52 PM, Craig Lindholm wrote:

> I have a document that I made in Smartwriter.
> After saving it twice, I now have 2 versions of the document on the
> tape. According to my basic manual, the one with a 'H' beside it is  
> the
> main file, while the one with the 'h' beside it is a backup file (this
> is after typing "catalog" at the prompt).
> I typed "delete doc1" and the 'H' file was deleted. However the 'h'  
> file
> was still present. How do I delete this backup file?
> I also found the backup directory listing in smartwriter, but it won't
> let me delete files either.
> Craig
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