[Coladam] Delete a backup file on DDP

Geoff Oltmans geoff at oltmansfamily.org
Thu Jan 28 03:58:20 CET 2010

Since we're on the subject of the ADAM filesystem, does anyone have documentation describing on the filesystem (directory format)? I haven't checked the ATM, I suppose it'll be in there.

On Jan 27, 2010, at 3:41 PM, Ronald Mitchell wrote:

> type
> recover doc1
> that turns your 'h' file into an 'H' file
> then type
> delete doc1
> That should do it.
> Each time you save a file the previous version with that name gets  
> saved as a backup (ie with the small letter). It's SmartBasic's way of  
> protecting us from ourselves. Like all such features, it sometimes  
> gets in the way.
> However, there one other thing to note with this.
> Let's say you've got quite a number of files on your datapack and  
> you've re-written then a number of times, and saved this and that over  
> a period of time. Each time you delete a file, the file doesn't  
> actually get deleted. It's only marked as deleted in the directory.  
> It's still actually there, occupying space. So after a while, you're  
> likely to get an error message "no more room" even though you've still  
> got space showing on the datapack. What it means is that your  
> directory is filled with files that you've actually deleted. The 'no  
> more room' thing can also happen if you have a lot of small files on a  
> datapack. The directory has space only for a certain number,  (if I  
> recall it's 32 or something like that). So even though you've got  
> space on your datapack, the number of files exceeds the space  
> available for directory entries, and you can't add any more.
> There's a way around this called "crunching" the directory. File  
> Manager 2.1 will fix that for you.  It's on its way. See my previous  
> message
> Ron
> On 26-Jan-10, at 10:52 PM, Craig Lindholm wrote:
>> I have a document that I made in Smartwriter.
>> After saving it twice, I now have 2 versions of the document on the
>> tape. According to my basic manual, the one with a 'H' beside it is  
>> the
>> main file, while the one with the 'h' beside it is a backup file (this
>> is after typing "catalog" at the prompt).
>> I typed "delete doc1" and the 'H' file was deleted. However the 'h'  
>> file
>> was still present. How do I delete this backup file?
>> I also found the backup directory listing in smartwriter, but it won't
>> let me delete files either.
>> Craig
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