[Coladam] Re : ADAMCon 22, june 18-20, Montreal-Laval

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 28 19:08:08 CET 2010

Hello everyone,

I've got a phone call today and I'm waiting for a second one. If it works, I may have found the best deal which include special bathrooms for a few rooms only, they have also suites with these bathrooms for sure (Rich, do you prefer suites or rooms?).

If the deal is interresting enough, we may get a deal so we will not pay $400 per person, but something like $300 instead (this is a big lie, I've not calculated that yet, I just think it can reach this price).

This other hotel is called Chateauneuf (Newcastle if I translate it). Modest but enough for our needs. Continental breakfasts included. And rooms at a cheaper price than Hampton too.. 

A trick for those who have trouble to read french, keep in mind that "de" or "des" if the same as "of".

Hotel Chateauneuf de Laval
3655 Autoroute(highway) DesLaurentides
phone : 1 450 681 9000

I don't know what is around this place yet (restaurant? bar? shopping center?) and I don't know if it's noisy, but I know that the price is about %20 less than Hampton for the regular price.

Please, forgive me to report my final decision to friday about the hotel. This new information need more investigation.

Daniel B.


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