[Coladam] ADAMEm/SDL progress

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Feb 9 17:29:30 CET 2010

Wow! Terrific progress! I'm especially interested in being able to load 
Sequel in the emulator. I'm guessing it won't play though...right?

Joe B.

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>I figured out my earlier problem with ADAMEm. I was having some problems
> with the function keys working properly in third-party programs. This was
> especially maddening since I have been trying to get Powermate IDE hard
> disk emulation working, and the EOS utility program was unusable. I also
> modded the program to emulate some basic enough functionality of MidiMite
> so that SEQuel would run. I ended up modding the Z80 emulation to stop 
> when
> the EOS read keyboard routine was called, and then dissecting the ADAM
> program one instruction at a time to find out what keyboard scan codes it
> was expecting. Voila! I had put the shifted-F-key scancodes in instead of
> the normal ones. Apparently Smartwriter et al ignores the shift key when 
> it
> compares the key press whereas the third party code expects a specific
> keycode. Unfortunately, I've still got some work to do on the IDE
> emulation... partitioning works, I can init the directories in the EOS
> utility, but I can't install software onto the disk image. Bummer. It 
> would
> be nice if I could get an image from an already partitioned working drive,
> but I haven't been able to get my PM IDE card working with any drives I've
> got on my real ADAM. I am happy to report that SEQuel appears to work 
> where
> it didn't before (i.e. you can load mid files where you couldn't before).
> So, that's fixed. Also fixed an issue with writing to disk images. There
> was a longstanding bug in the ADAMEm source when not using Zlib that would
> append writes to the end of the disk image rather than modifying the
> appropriate chunks of the image. Outstanding issues I know of:
> o Full screen doesn't work properly when running in Windows. I haven't
> verified this in Linux yet either, but it does work in Mac OS 10.5/10.6.
> o Sound emulation doesn't work 100%. It is VERY close though, the only
> things I've had trouble with are speech in games like Squish 'em Sam
> o Haven't tested all alternative forms of game input (roller controller
> emulation, super action controller emulation). You can use a standard USB
> joystick for one player. For some reason SDL won't allow use of a second
> controller, at least the Mac OS X library.
> Hopefully I'll get a new release of the code ready to send out to whoever
> is interested shortly. I need to set up a web page for people to download
> this. I have webspace, just haven't created a webpage for my ADAM stuff
> yet. :)
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