[Coladam] ADAMCon 22, 2010 - poster - work in progress

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 10 20:15:42 CET 2010

Let me explain first what is the idea behind the poster.

Well, the movie 2010 is called first contact... so, I've decided to keep "2010 - First contact". It'll be the first contact between ADAMCon and CCJVQ (videogame collectors club) for the majority of you... experimenting my reality of being a member of both groups.

The poster refers of course to the movie we all know. Giant black things (actually just place-holders) are supposed to be a colecovision cartridge, a coleco controller and a colecovision console.. Later, as an animated advertisement (if I've time), I was thinking of re-using the scene in 2001 "my god, it's full of stars" where the astronaut look at the giant black thing while stars appears, but my animation will transforms the stars into videogame characters ( stars -> popular videogame characters ).

What do you think? 

Daniel Bienvenu


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