[Coladam] Keyboard firmware/source?

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Thu Feb 11 17:08:25 CET 2010

On Sat, January 30, 2010 12:20 am, Geoff Oltmans wrote:

> Does anyone have the binary or source code listing for the keyboard
> microcontroller?

     Sorry it took me awhile to dig this out...here are links to all
the 6801 firmware that I have amassed.  Some is in assemblable text
format, some is scans from photocopies of greenbar code printouts.
Almost everything came from the work of Chris Braymen.  I reconstructed
some missing photocopy pages for master 6801 and printer, added a few
comments to Chris' disassemblies, and did a raw disassembly of the
printer (incompletely resolved, and uncommented).  This work dates from
early 1996.

Master 6801

SmartWriter printer

Tape drive

ZIP archive of 6801 source dumps, with some commented disassemblies
(master, printer, tape, keyboard, prototype serial-parallel)

     Somewhere I know I have Chris's source for the ADAMnet clock
and his 256K static RAMdisk, but I didn't immediately find it.
I also probably have sitting on the MFM hard drive that used to be
in my IBM-PC/XT system with the EEPROM reader card, a ROM dump from
the 160K and 320K disk drives.  The system is dead, but I kept the


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