[Coladam] Question for you CP/M-TDOS experts

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Feb 16 01:01:12 CET 2010

After much frustration trying to get .IYG files onto TDOS so they can be UNCRLZH'd into IMG files and then CLONED back to ADAM disks...I discovered I can do the same thing using 22NICE (CP/M emulator) and UNCRLZH on my PC.

However, a good number of the files won't convert (70 out of the 120 I tried). I type in UNCRLZH <filename> and it reports "File Not Found" although I'm staring right at it in the directory listing.

Anyone have any clue why it says that when the file is obviously right there with the rest of the files that did UNCRLZH successfully?

Furthermore, I discovered it is not necessary to use CLONE in TDOS to convert the image file back to an ADAM disk or DDP image. Using the block copy feature in Steve Pitman's Virtual ADAM, you can copy the IMG file right back onto a Disk or DDP image. The IMG file should be placed as a DDP image, however, as Virtual ADAM works special magic on it as it copies it to the appropriate media (something to do with the interleave, I think, right Steve???). I tried running some of the IMG files directly and they either had messed up graphics or wouldn't run at all. Virtual ADAM cleared all this up, however.

Anyway, if someone can suggest possible solutions to why I get a "File not Found" error on some of these .IYG files I would appreciate it.


Joe B.

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