[Coladam] Question for you CP/M-TDOS experts

Steve Pitman swp at cinci.rr.com
Tue Feb 16 15:00:08 CET 2010

Correct, Virtual ADAM updates the interleave when copying between DDP and 
disk images.

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> After much frustration trying to get .IYG files onto TDOS so they can be 
> UNCRLZH'd into IMG files and then CLONED back to ADAM disks...I discovered 
> I can do the same thing using 22NICE (CP/M emulator) and UNCRLZH on my PC.
> However, a good number of the files won't convert (70 out of the 120 I 
> tried). I type in UNCRLZH <filename> and it reports "File Not Found" 
> although I'm staring right at it in the directory listing.
> Anyone have any clue why it says that when the file is obviously right 
> there with the rest of the files that did UNCRLZH successfully?
> Furthermore, I discovered it is not necessary to use CLONE in TDOS to 
> convert the image file back to an ADAM disk or DDP image. Using the block 
> copy feature in Steve Pitman's Virtual ADAM, you can copy the IMG file 
> right back onto a Disk or DDP image. The IMG file should be placed as a 
> DDP image, however, as Virtual ADAM works special magic on it as it copies 
> it to the appropriate media (something to do with the interleave, I think, 
> right Steve???). I tried running some of the IMG files directly and they 
> either had messed up graphics or wouldn't run at all. Virtual ADAM cleared 
> all this up, however.
> Anyway, if someone can suggest possible solutions to why I get a "File not 
> Found" error on some of these .IYG files I would appreciate it.
> Thanks
> Joe B.
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