[Coladam] Building up a system

David Swalec davidswalec at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 16 15:56:59 CET 2010

I need help building a new system. I have purchased an old system and have several tapes from cp/m to logo. What I hope to do is solve the first problem, my TV does not show up in color consistently. I jiggle the channel 3-4 switch and it goes black and white then color but will not always stay. The next thing I am confused about is with all the memory boards, interface cards, etc, I am not sure what is the best combination as I do want to put a hard disc, floppy and dot matrix printer as I want to get the heavy duty bells and whistle system built that I could not afford so many years ago. Suggestions what cards will do it best and what ones to stay away from would be appreciated. I know you are asking so just understand old engineers like old things.


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