[Coladam] Game Review by K.A. Marner, 1991 - Brainstorm

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BRAINSTORM from Steve Pitman Software
Reviewed by K.A. Marner

This is the latest game from Steve Pitman following previous sucesses such as ADAM BOMB and DINOSAUR DIG. The game is very similar to ADDICTUS from Reedy Software in that you have to monoever several falling shapes so that they fit neatly at the bottom of the pit on the screen and leave no gaps. As soon as an horizontal line is formed, that line disappears which leaves you with more room for subsequent falling shapes.

Yes, there is a difference between this game and ADDICTUS and the public domain 80 column game TETRIS. As if you don't have enough to do already you have to solve a puzzle while your brain is being scrambled by the falling shapes. What you have to do is complete a given phrase by clearing a line containing a letter that fits the phrase. The letters are contained in the falling shapes and has to fit the phrase and the category for the phrase is chosen at the opening menu. Choose from NORMAL, MOVIE, TELEVISION or an ADAM related phrase. There are hundreds of phrases in each category and you'll never get the same phrase repeated until all of them are solved. There is no way you'll get bored with this game. After you have sucessfully placed a letter or letters in a phrase, you're given 10 seconds to take a guess at solving the whole phrase or continuing with the game. Pressing the FIRE button at any time during the 10 seconds continues the game anyway.

This game has the edge over ADDICTUS for all of its features. You vsn even pause the game to take a breather, take a tranquilizer, answer the phone or a call of nature.

The games instructions are on-screen if you choose the option from the opening screen's menu. There're 4 skill levels to choose from and an option to play GAME B. This is played similar to the ADDICTUS game in that you do not have a puzzle to solve but the screen is identical.

The game ends when your screen is full of shapes and if you did not solve the phrase, the whole screen shakes and shudders while ADAM tells you how unlucky you are. How do you do that with the screen, Steve?

Add this to your library of games and you'll not be disappointed.


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