[Coladam] A quote from a U.K. ADAM SUBSCRIBER : James Howard

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Fri Feb 19 22:39:21 CET 2010

"I use my ADAM mainly for pleasure playing games, typing and graphics and believe that there is alot of good software available, but what about the Coleco console, where are the new cartridges.

Most of my 30 cartridges came from Telegames, who have a reasonable selection of titles but very few new ones. Are they the only suppliers of titles aparts from UKAS or are there more, if so please let me know.

If the cartridges are dying up because of Coleco's age why dont some clever firm who makes hardware for ADAM make an expansion module to play SEGA or Nintendo games on the Coleco console.

Can you please print a new list of UKAS games in the next newsletter."
- James Howard, January 1991.

The answer from the editor in the same issue.

"ED: Telegames are the only true supplier of Coleco cartridges in the UK and are certainly a large company. You may also be lucky enough to find Coleco stuff on market stalls. If any member knows of such outlets, write in and let us know so we can print up the information."

Daniel : I wonder if a list was given and so rediscover a proof for a rumored game or know if a prototype was finally released at least once in cartridge format.


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