[Coladam] More fun adventures in CP/M

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Fri Feb 19 22:58:56 CET 2010

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away........

.CYM  meant  that the file was  compressed with the program CRLZH.COM

you can uncompress it with UNCRLZH.COM

Joe was quite right. There were all sorts of compression algorithms at  
the time, squeezed,  arked,  arced, self-extracting arc, and yada  
yada. The authors of each claimed various advantages, such as more  
efficient compression, or smaller size, and the like.

If was all for use back in the time when sending files online with  
dialup equipment at 300 baud  was expensive, so the fewer kilobytes  
you had to send, the cheaper it was. Everything got compressed prior  
to sending, which meant that it had to be uncompressed at the other  
end. When it came to compression/decompression software there were  
quite a few "flavours of the month". These days we've abandoned all of  
that in favour of ZIPS or GUNZIPS or BZ's,TARs,TARBALLS and  
BZEDDEDTARBALLS - or is it .TAR.BZ  --- something like that.

Some things never change.


On 19-Feb-10, at 1:17 PM, Daniel Bienvenu wrote:

> I'm sorry Joe... that's all the page said realy, no mention of DYC  
> or things like that. Y is close to Z so maybe it's related, I don't  
> know.
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