[Coladam] A look at NIAD Newsletter

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sat Feb 20 01:06:15 CET 2010


NIAD stand for Northern Illiana ADam user's group, and they define themself as "a christian run business". They offered newsletters (12 to 22 pages) in a monthly basis with price lists of hardware and software products (not only for the ColecoVision or Coleco Adam, but also for Amstrad PC1640, Amstrad PC-2086, ALR Powerflex 80286, Sega Master System consoles and games, Sega Genesis consoles and games, printers and more), descriptions of some products ordered by companies, sometimes news and revies related to Coleco Adam, and a one page editorial (most of the time filled with bible quotes). The newsletters was offered first to US, and Canada, and then "world wide" (from June 1990). And right below their postal address, they put a quotation of John 3:16.

Inside these newsletters, in the list of products for sale, NIAD is offering copyed games compilations you may have seen here and there as Coleco Adam disks titled "N.I.A.D."... a christian run business selling copyed games...

Based on what I'm reading here, a VHS tape of ADAMCON 01 was available for $19.95 and described as a 2 hours product demos and seminars that were held as the first ADAM Convention in Orlando, Florida from October 7th-11th, 1990. If ADAMCON started in 1990, why in 2010 I'm organizing the ADAMCON 22, not ADAMCON 20?

In May 1990 issue, page 11, a column of an article written by Richard Clee talking about ADAMCON 02 to be in Toronto, Canada. Ken Batcher (Ontario) and Monte Neece (Florida) was the two persons to contact, with postal address. I quote :
"A bargain vacation in Toronto? When the Canadian National Exhibition is on? Someone has to be smoking the cheap stuff - or are they? Yes, Toronto has a reputation as a high-cost city, like all major cities of the world. It is the place where some hotels offer bargain January discount rates of "only" $110 per night, and those who want to can blow $150 a couple for a restaurant dinner. But canny registrants for ADAMCON 02 in Toronto August 15th to 18th can have a big-town vacation and cut their cost too." 15-18? it's 4 days!!!

NIAD was selling also used items they purchased from ADAM owners like pretty rare ColecoVision games, and for only $10-$15 (only $5 if loose), including Fortune Builder, Brain Strainers, Cabbage Patch Kids Pictures Show, Learning with Leeper, Miner 2049er, and much more.

There is a column about someone who recommends L.V.A.C. (Las Vegas ADAM Club) Archives #1 : a compilation of 10 SmartBASIC programs, including 7 games : MATCH-EM, LETTER MATCH, SNAKE EYES, CARD TRICK, MORSE CODE, TRIVIA GAME AND MAKER, IQ TEST.

There is "S.M. Video P.O. BOX 3189 Oakton, VA 22124 (703) 620-4485" giving a list of softwares they offer as copies (not original) and offer $35 for any unreleased software with a list of all the vaporware mentionned in the ColecoVision silver catalog. In the list of copyed games they are offering ($24 per cartridge and $5 per digitaldatapack) : SuperGame Subroc, Tunnels and Trolls (demo), all new game cartridges copyed as a 3"1/2 disk, Macadam, The best of B.C., The best of Electronic Arts, SuperGame Frontline, SuperGame DamBusters, SuperGame Donkey Kong Junior revision 14, Coleco music demo, Adam diagnostic, Jeopardy. I wonder if they got any unreleased software since this time we can be able to publish.


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