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The following is what you can read in NIAD newsletter issue#62, march 1990, pages 5-8. As a personal note : Even if I'm not certain about the definition of public domain given here, I'm glad that they do consider some games as public domain to keep copies of them during all these years.

Page 5

Cartridge Roundup by Jim Notini

What was made? What was released? What's considered public domain or not? What is still available and where? Has anyone seen...? These are some of the many questions that I've fielded over the 2 years which I've been working for N.I.A.D. about the status of CV carts, which we all know can be played on the ADAM. Answers to these questions are long overdue and the following list (rather lengthy) details what cartridges were developed and released as well as developed but not released. The list is broken up into 5 separate categories which list the : NAME, COMPANY which released or developed the cartridge, cartridge SIZE in "K" (kilobytes), whether the cartridge was RELEASED or not and if the cartridge is still AVAILABLE (this column will list out either available through TeleGames USA or N.I.A.D., if the cartridge was placed into the PUBLIC DOMAIN or if the cartridge is NOT AVAILABLE anymore)

Many people would say that since a cartridge is no longer available through a commercial retailer, that it should be considered public domain, BUT this is not entirely the case! The cartridge rights, of course, are still held by the company which developed the cartridge, but TeleGames USA could possibly have licensed the rights to some of these unavailable carts and have decided to hold off on production for awhile. Truthfully, it's very uncertain just what carts TeleGames USA owns the rights too and therefore has caused a lot of misconception around the ADAM community as to what is considered public domain. The best way to decide if a game is public domain or not is to look up the title on the followin list. If the game is marked as unavailable, but was marked YES in the RELEASED column, then it's not public domain and of course, if the cart is still available through one of the many ADAM Dealers, then it is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.

I would like to thank Richard Salvati for the contribution of his own personal list which he compiled through what could only have been many stenuous hours of research in magazines, etc. Without his contribution, this list would have been mainly dealt with carts which had been released. Most of the list comes directly from carts that I've copied onto disk (exactly 150) and this is how I'm able to list the cart size in "K". I only wish that I did not sell off my original carts (106 in total) a couple years ago because these carts are going to become collector's items just as baseball cards, stamps, etc. are collector's items and they will be worth a pretty penny in the future.

There are some special requirements on a number of the below listed cartridges. Turbo, The Dukes of Hazard and Destructor require the EXPANSION MODULE #2 DRIVING CONTROLLER and both Pitstop and Fall Guy can use this controller. Super Action Baseball, S.A. Football, S.A. Soccer, S.A. Boxing - Rocky and Front Line require the SUPER ACTION CONTROLLERS, all games that function with the standard hand controller will work with these controllers. Slither and Victory require the ROLLER CONTROLLER and Omega Race can use it as well as this controller's ability to function as a cursor control (IE: a mouse) using many of the ADAM Computer programs! Also Super Cobra and Defender will not operate properly when placed on the ADAM. For this reason, Super Cobra has been placed into public domain and Defender will be a likely candidate once the current supply of originals runs out. Most of the Coleco's cartridge utilities require at least a 64K Memory Expander (IE: Adam
 Diagnostic). Check the Product List to see if we still have the cartridge version or DDP/DISK version for games we have available. If you've any questions, feel free to write or call me about this list directly at N.I.A.D.

Page 8

This is by no means a complete list of all the titles which were developed or even in the developmental stage by many of the companies listed as well as many other numerous companies which where just entering the videogame market on the ColecoVision game system. One such example is the company which developed FORTUNE BUILDER for coleco, CIRCUITS & SYSTEMS INC. Reports from their development team had it that another 5 cartridges were in the works and planned for release through 1985. It is unfortunate that these carts will never become available for one reason or another, but hopefully there is enough already available to keep everyone busy.

From time to time, we'll continue to contact these companies to see if something can be worked out to finally release these titles, but for the mos part, the release of any new titles seems very unlikely. Our best bet at the current time is to support TeleGames USA as much as possible and just maybe they'll be able to work some deals out with these companies to bring us new cartridges.

A last minute inclusion on this list is the column containing the RETAIL price of a cartridge that is still available through TeleGames USA. These retail prices are from their Winter 1989 catalog and possibly could have changed by now. Also the list does not contain any prices on cartridges which we (N.I.A.D.) still have available. For the most current retail price on these cartridges, check the Product List on Page 20.

A number of cartridges have also been made available on Data Pack or Disk. These titles are : *Alcazar, *Rock'N Bolt, *Boulder dash, Tournament Tennis, Wing War, Fathom, Kung-fu Superkicks, Pitfall, River Raid, Beamrider, Keystone Kapers, Pitfall II, Sewer Sam, Aquattack, H.E.R.O., Decathlon, Zenji, Blockade Runner, Squish'em Sam, Moonsweeper, Nova Blast, Motocross Racer, *Sir Lancelot, Campaign '84, Gust Buster, Quest for Quintana Roo, Rolloverture, Mountain King, and TeleGames Skiing. The titles with an asterix are only available on DDP or DISK.



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