[Coladam] A look at NIAD Newsletter

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 21 01:32:31 CET 2010


Let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Jim Notini and I worked for Lyle Marschand at his computer store where NIAD was also operated from 1988-2002. Shortly after starting work for Lyle, I gradually assumed more and more of the duties of NIAD's operation from tech support, running the mail order, writing articles for the newsletter, etc., etc. and then finally becoming the editor of the newsletter. Lyle took a back seat rather quickly once I came onboard... this is by no means a knock on Lyle as he had started NIAD all by himself in 1984 and spent countless hours building it up into the success that it became (with the help of many others who will go unnamed here) all the while working a full-time job and raising a family, etc.

Before I get into the main subject, let me thank you for your continued support of the ColecoVision. I have really enjoyed your titles and thank you for making them available in ROM format to be used with an Coleco/ADAM emulator.

I saw your post regarding the NIAD Newsletter and wish to clearify a couple of points you made.

First, Lyle was a born-again Christian and everything he did and said was based on those principals of Christianity. I personally didn't like the inclusion of this in the newsletter that was about a computer (especially since I'm not a very religious person) , but it was his business.

As far as your misconceptions to the ADAM Software that was being sold by NIAD... there was no PIRACY going on unlike what your message might infer. The software titles that started with the name NIAD Public Domain..... were just that, freeware programs for SmartBASIC, SmartLOGO, CP/M, Graphics, Coleco Unreleased software, etc., etc. Other titles listed in the Product List were either distributed by NIAD through agreement with the author, bought in bulk from other ADAM retailers of the time or bought in bulk from the actual software designer. So even though NIAD doesn't exist anymore, please exercise a little caution as to how you phrase your posts.

As far as the ADAMcon dates, the only thing I can think of is that you have a copy of a NIAD issue that was hand-typed into a computer by someone and the dates were entered wrong. If your in possession of the actual printed newsletter or one that's been digitally copied, then I guess it's simple a typing error on the part of the person that entered the text for the newsletter. I should know cause I was at ADAMcon 01 in Orlando, FL - 1988!

On a different note, I have been working with Joe Blenkle to organize as complete a collection of ColecoVision & ADAM software to be used with emulators or transferred back to ADAM media to be used on the real thing. Check out  Joe's website for a listing with pictures. Also, Steve Pitman (the author of many great ADAM games like ADAM Bomb 2 and of course Virtual ADAM for Windows) is working on scanning a lot of the user's group newsletters into PDF files. Contact Joe for info on how to get access to all this stuff we've been compiling, he's on the list.

Jim Notini

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